In "Matrilineal", I have drawn inspiration from my Métis and Eastern European heritage to explore pathways to recovery from gender-based violence through often feminized artforms, such as Métis beadwork and matryoshka dolls. Through these mediums, I have conceptualized the self as a cultural identity that is held in sanctuary by one’s family, community and Nation, which exists beyond the Western notion of the self as narrowly confined to an individual’s body, mind and soul. Through beads, dolls and roses, I have found my place within these traditions and identified a vital part of myself that is resistant to traumas or trials past and present. In this body of work, I have manifested my search for solace, resilience and healing in the modes of expression wielded by my mothers and foremothers for generations.

Matrilineal install shot

Second Skin, 2021

Seed beads, thread, sculpting mesh, beading foundation, denim, copper and steel wire and Levi's shirt

Rending, 2021

Faux leather, thread, acrylic

Self Portrait as My Mothers, 2020

Matryoshka dolls and basswood

The Sum of Her Parts, 2021

Matryoshka dolls, acrylic

Grandmothers’ Garden, 2021

Seed beads, thread, embroidery hoop, linen and wild rose thorns

Self Portrait (Two Years Later), 2021

Seed beads, thread and oil on canvas

Nature, nurture, 2021

Seed beads and thread on canvas

Other Half, 2021

Matryoshka dolls and basswood

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